Service Operations (Global Intern)

Are you interested in a Service Operations/Planning position at BlackTangerine? As a Service Operations/Planner at Black Tangerine, you will be responsible for hypothesizing, analyzing, and leading the operation of COCON services based on data and research. You will work with developers and designers to create user-centered services.
Hi, I'm a representative of Black Tangerine, mint.
2021년 블랙탠저린은 예비 창업자로서 정부 지원금 2억원을 확보하고 전국 창업 경진대회에서 최우수상(장관상)을 수상했습니다. 오늘의집, 스타일쉐어 등에 투자한 매쉬업엔젤스의 투자를 받아 2021년 9월 정식으로 출범했습니다. 2022년 팁스 등 정부 지원(10억)을 통과한 후 시리즈 A 투자를 유치하고 함께 서비스를 확장할 멤버를 모집할 계획입니다. 다들 반가워요!
새 멤버가 들어올때 나의 마음 속
When you see a Service Operations/Planning job posting for a team that's building the future together, you usually have a few questions.
We hope this job posting will give you some clues to the questions below.
What system (waterfall, agile) does the product team use?
What is the feedback loop between planning, design, and development?
Is there an infrastructure to verify with data when the planned features are deployed?
How is the scope of the operation/planning work set?
I believe that the most important thing in an organization, especially a startup, is growth.
It takes commitment and hard work for individuals and organizations to grow, so the question is, “How can teams help individuals and services grow?”.
At Black Tangerine, we're a team that asks this question all the time. And it's an organization that doesn't just stop at asking, but takes action.
Frankly, Black Tangerine is a bit lacking right now. We're at the very front end of the startup stage in the graph above. But that means we have a lot of space to fill, a lot of room to grow, and a lot of opportunity. We're always going to be smart and fast, and we're going to be a better team every day than we were yesterday.
I'm about to start introducing myself as a planner/product manager at Black Tangerine.
Hopefully, this will inspire you to think “this is the team where I can grow in my life”.
Bon voyage
Who is the Black Tangerine team?
Voices from the members
블탱에서는 모든 코드를 리뷰 후에 머지 하고 있어요. 서로서로 리뷰하고 코드에 대한 생각을 남기기 때문에 빠르게 성장할 수 있어요. 또한 다른 회사와는 다르게 매일, 매주, 매월 회고를 진행하고, 자신을 뒤돌아 볼 수 있는 시간이 있어서 성장하기 좋은 환경입니다!(인터뷰 더 보기)
코드 리뷰와 주기적인 피드백, 주간 월간 분기별 회고 등 제품을 위해 개인과 팀이 빠르게 성장할 수 있는 시스템이 갖춰져있다고 생각하고 회사를 다니다 보면 불필요한 스트레스를 받게 되는 경우도 있는데 블탱에서는 오로지 일에만 집중할 수 있는 환경인 것 같아요. 무엇보다 블랙탠저린의 비전과 미션은 제게 이루고 싶은 목표와 꿈을 가져다 주었고 저에겐 그것들을 상기시키는 것만으로도 동기부여가 된다는 점이 가장 큰 매력이라고 생각해요. (인터뷰 더 보기)
블랙탠저린에서 일하며 가장 인상적인 순간은, 현재까지 개발된 프로젝트의 코드를 처음 공유 받았을 때 인 것 같은데요. 최신 문법이나 기술이 적용되어있고, 모듈화나 버전 관리가 잘 되어있어서, 뭔가 안심도 되고 배울점이 많겠다고 생각하게 된 것 같아요.(인터뷰 더 보기)
What products is the Black Tangerine team building?
Tap the image below to download COCON.
COCON을 아껴주시는 사용자 분들의 리뷰
 Readings to learn more about COCON
Key roles
Position: Service Operations/Planning
The person who is closest to the voice of the customer and decides what messages are communicated to them.
Someone who is accountable for the customer experience and has to give an accounting
No. If the product succeeds, it's because everyone on the team did their job well, but if the product fails, it's the product manager's fault.
Here are the tasks we expect you to perform
Translation checking
CS: answering customer mail, reviews, etc.
Operations: planning and running events, making announcements, writing FAQs, etc.
Customer and market research: interviewing users, researching design preferences, etc.
The person on your team whose role is most similar to that of a CEO is the product manager. The difference is that the product manager is not someone's boss, but rather a facilitator. If you're a service planner who wants to become a product manager, here are some things you should focus on to help you envision your role expanding.
Deep understanding of the customer
Become an expert in understanding our users' issues, pain points, desires, and what they're thinking through research, CS work, etc.
User understanding should be based on qualitative learning (why do our users do certain things) and quantitative learning (what are they actually doing in the service).
Deep understanding of data
Start your day with an analytics tool like GA4 to understand what happened in the last 24 hours, then check sales analytics data, customer usage data, A/B test results, etc.
Deep understanding of the business
Understand how business value is created and what role the product should play.
Must be able to identify and effectively convince various stakeholders, including non-product team managers, sales, marketing, finance, legal, business development, customer service, etc.
deep market and industry understanding
Develop in-depth knowledge of the market and industry in which you compete by understanding competitors, major technological changes, customer behavior and expectations, monitoring & analyzing relevant industry data, and media influences that impact the market and customers.
Read ongoing industry changes to create a distinctly better product for tomorrow's target market, not yesterday's
Must be interested in and learn about technology trends and explore how to leverage technology with engineers and designers
What if you're this person?
Have you ever had a big dream in your life? They seem to get further and further away from you as time passes and reality sets in. If you still believe in the passion and possibilities within you, we can make it happen together.
Of course, the process will be painful, I'll be honest with you. You may feel blind, anxious, and always pushing yourself to survive. But that's how you can become amazing.
You can do things that you can't do alone. Let's do things together that we can do because we are us. Let's change the world.
Experiences that alone can only be a dream, experiences that you can only dream about on YouTube or read about in books, fairy tale experiences where the whole team is immersed and the team wins.
If you want to bring those experiences into your life, join us.
What you'll get as a service operations/planner
You get to experience a wide range of service-related experiences.
I worked in a large company where R&R was clearly divided and you had to dig deep into your own narrow area. I wanted to make a bigger impact but was limited by the structure. At Black Tangerine, we care about the product and users as a whole, and you can make big changes with your own hands, from small details to the business model.
From service planning to operation, marketing, customer response, etc. you can have experiences to grow into a good product manager and strengthen your capabilities.
You can experience a growing service in real time.
Currently, Cocon has 500x growth in 7 months, and I think the best ingredient to build your ability to identify user needs and lead the market as a planner is experience with a crazy growing service.
Explosive growth of teams and services in a short period of time creates a constant tectonic shift. Another name for this change is opportunity. At Black Tangerine, we believe that dense growth is possible by making opportunity your own.
You'll build sticky experiences with your coworkers.
It's been said that a startup is an organization that builds thrusters on an already launched rocket, finds fuel, and keeps it from falling. That's right, in the process, the team becomes one and sticks together to survive. This allows them to go through a process of group immersion that is different from other organizations.
I've experienced the power of having an organization with many people to emulate, many people to learn from. I will always strive to make sure that BlackTangerine is an organization of people like that.
Today, BlackTangerine is faced with the daily challenge of taking features and nudges that worked when we had less data and users to a higher level. As the product grows, the scale of the decisions you can make and the impact you can have are only experienced now.
If you're hungry for that experience and growth, we're waiting for you. Thank you for reading this long post. I look forward to changing the world together.
Working conditions
Employment Type: Intern
Salary: Mutually negotiated
Work Location: Telecommute or work from office at 168, 305 Yeoksam-ro
Application (REQUIRED) direct link (click)
Attach a free-form resume or portfolio
Things to keep in mind
We will not return any submitted documents.
We will notify you within 7 working days of submitting your application.
If we find out that you have misrepresented yourself, we may cancel your job offer.
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What products is the Black Tangerine team building?